Paramount Hockey Club

General Club Information:


Our hockey program is separated into three, 12 week sessions:

      * September- December

      * January- March

      * April- June

We usually start the first Saturday after Labor Day. We do not practice on any long weekends or holidays due to travel related hockey tournamants and player commitments elsewhere. Each session consists of two practices a week for a total of 24 practices. The fee for one session is $350 per family.


Practice Schedule

Our practices are :  Mondays @ 6:00pm - 7:00pm and Wednesdays @ 6:00pm-7:00pm. Typical format on Wednesdays is when we seperate the kids into groups by ability and run stations. Every station involves skating, stickhandling and shooting drills. Our Monday night practice is all skating and cardio. We use the full length of the ice to run skating with limited use of pucks or sticks.


Tournament Play

Some of our kids will graduate and play on one of our tournament teams. All games are during holiday weekends. We have arrangements with other local clubs and schedule games accordingly on an as needed basis. We are independent and do not participate as part of a league, although we participate with USA Hockey and CAHA sanctioned tournaments.


Our main goal is to provide a quality program at an inexpensive price!



Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff has years of experience in the highest levels of competition. All of our coaches believe in our kids and instill traditional values of  hard work and discipline to get the best results. We also have Jr coaches so we can pass on our knowledge of this system for future generations which keeps them involved in the sport they love and have dedicated so much time too.

Adult League

Our adult league is a great environment that allows the weekend warrior in you to have fun. Our schedule has fixed times so you know you are not playing at midnight like our competitors and we offer it at an unbeatable price!

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